Why You Might Want To Make The Switch To Ethanol-Free Gas

Ethanol-free gas is continuing to gain popularity with consumers across the country. Whether you have a new car that specifically prefers this type of gas or you just believe that going ethanol free will be better for your vehicle in the long run, there are a variety of reasons why you might want to reach out to a local provider of ethanol-free gas today.

Ethanol-Free Gas Might Help You Get More Miles Out of Your Fuel

Gasoline that is mixed with ethanol is generally known to be less fuel efficient than gasoline that is pure with no additives. Your car is then able to take this purer gas and convert it into additional miles per gallon while out on the road, thanks to the extra energy that is produced from pure, ethanol-free gas. This could become especially important if you are purchasing gas not just for your personal vehicle but for an entire fleet of commercial vehicles. Your drivers won't have to stop to re-fuel as often and your gas expenses will go down over time.

Promote the Longevity of Your Engine

Ethanol also does not mix well with certain engine parts, particularly engines that were never designed with ethanol in mind. Ethanol can cause your engine's rubber seals to break down over time. Ethanol can also make it more likely that rust will develop within the engine over time as ethanol is known to attract and hold water. Switching to ethanol-free gas will remove all of these potential issues from your life. Your engine's lifespan will likely be longer as a result, and you won't have to pay as much in maintenance or repair costs over time. With a little luck, your engine will last you until you are ready to buy a new vehicle.

Improve and Maintain Performance

Gasoline with ethanol added to it is also known to leave residue on engine parts. If you have a high performance vehicle, this residue could actually lessen the performance of your car. You've already spent thousands of dollars fine tuning your vehicle and purchasing the best available parts to maximize performance, so why would you want to undo some of that work every time you go to the gas pump? Pure gas will allow your high performance vehicle to reach its full potential now and years down the road.

Contact a company that provides ethanol-free gas today for more information.