Tips For Evaluating A Used Semi-Truck For Sale

A career in the trucking industry can be rewarding and lucrative. While many truck drivers start out working for transportation companies, a lot of experienced truck drivers opt to shift over to being their own boss and working as an owner-operator. Being an owner-operator has a lot of perks, but one stipulation is that an owner-operator must own at least one semi-truck. Semi-trucks are very expensive, so many owner-operators opt to purchase used semi-trucks in order to save money. A used semi-truck can be a great buy, but the key is to find one in excellent condition. If you're considering purchasing a used semi-truck, always make sure to check out the following things:

Presence of Rust

When you find a used semi-truck for sale that is in your price range, it is very important to conduct a thorough visual inspection. One of the main things to look for during this inspection is the presence of rust. Make sure that you look over every portion of the semi-truck, including the frame and undercarriage. If you find any areas that are rusted, it is a major red flag, and you may want to move on to another semi-truck. Once a semi-truck has begun rusting, especially if the rust is on the truck frame, it can lead to a lot of problems that are expensive to repair.

Comprehensive Maintenance Records

Semi-trucks are built to last, and a quality semi-truck can run for many hundreds of thousands of miles when properly cared for. Just like a passenger automobile, the longevity of a semi-truck usually depends on how well it has been maintained. Before investing in a used semi-truck, it is always a good idea to request maintenance records. A responsible owner who has taken care of the semi-truck and is now selling it should have no problem providing maintenance records for you to review.

Condition of the Tires

Checking out the tires on a used semi-truck for sale can also tell you a lot about it. Take a careful look at each tire to see if there are any cracks or other issues with the tread. Uneven wear can also be the result of an issue with how the truck was driven or stored. If you notice that there are multiple problems with the tires on a used semi-truck for sale, it may be because the truck has been transporting loads that were too heavy, or the tires may have been underinflated. 

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